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Sometimes you need to let go of some things to clear up room. Not just physical room, but also in your head. If you are anything like me, then sooner or later you will end up with a house full of projects that are finished, sorta work or just never really got finished. And sooner or later this accumulation of ideas and tings will grow to restrictive proportions. Eventually you can spend your day going from one thing to the next, thinking about what you still need to do with it and how to do it. Then all of a sudden you've just spent al whole day. Usually quite enjoyably, but definately not productively.


So to combat this I try to get stuff finished or leave it in a state where it is really just a collection of parts for the next project. This way I can treat the "unfinished" projects as just temporary thing, without them cluttering up my life too much.


One of the projects that I've had kicking around for a little while are my CNC machines. I've got the mill to a point where the table can be driven, apparently with some accuracy. And the spindle can be made to run. It could make chips now. However I've had not use for these machines. The repeatability of CNC has not been needed for anything I've been doing and a manual machine can handle bigger pieces than these CNC's can. So, with a few bigger projects on the horizon, I've decided to move these machines on. I would certainly like to see them move on to someone who will be able to get something out of them, either by using them or pulling them apart or looking at how they've been set up.

So here is a couple of pictures of the setup as it stands, followed by links to all of the posts I've made in the past about these machines.


If you are interested, or know anyone who is interested or even just have some questions; Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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