This is the current status of the Land Rover


Have to Before Rego

Nice to Before Rego

After Rego

 Fix Spongy Brakes

Fix Leaking Brakes

 Repaint Wheels Install Endless Air

 Add Seatbelts

Repair driver seat base

find centre seat base/back

 Clean Gearbox
Clean Engine

 Rebuild instrument cluster
 Fix leaking Rear Gearbox Seal  Paint Chassis  Build Hitch Reciever

 Replace Fuse Box

Tidy headlight wiring

Replace broken LH rear lights

Add backlight to gauges

Fix power to gauges

Check/Wire up horn

Land Rover Electrical

 Renew all wiring

Remove Generator parts

Upgrade Alternator

Consolidate Batteries

Install Radios
 Clean Tub Floor  Install Heater  Build side steps

 Straighten rear of tub

Rivet in LH side of tub

Fix twisted bits under sides of tub at rear

Investigate spin on oil filter

Square off rear crossmember

Add Bumperettes

 Check Radiator  Make 2nd fuel tank work  
 Remove Air compressor Stuff Replace Timing Chain  
Tune Engine Repaint Air filter  

Replace tires

Service Springs  
Sort leak in RH Swivel Ball    
Sort leaks on FWH (Replace with drive flange?)    
Replace oil in rear diff    
Sort leak on transfer case    
Sort leak under engine    

Tighten Steering

Renew ball Joints

Service Steering Relay (Just fill with oil?)

Service Steering Box (Just fill with oil?)

Clean oil residue from engine bay    
Stop rocker cover oil leak    
Connect vacuum gauge    
Check universal joints    
Replace Wiper Blades    

Repair footwells

Paint Bulkhead

Remove grot under centre seat    
Fix leak in Fuel Pump    
Secure fuel hose to secondary fuel filter better    
Replace Intake hose    
Replace Radiator hoses    

Replace Engine Mounts

Replace Gearbox Mounts

Install rear shock absorbers    
Install rubber gaiters for gear knobs    


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