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This evening I started to remove the master cylinder from the Series Land Rover.

Removal of this was pretty straightforward, just remove these 6 bolts from in the footwell. This is all that holds the pedal box in, then with a little leverage from the pinchbar to break the gasket loose and then it's just spin the assembly around 60 times one way, 46 back the other, then 83 times back again. Then lift it up past the fluid reservoir.

It was night and my hands were covered in brake fluid so I didn't get any photos from the top. But here is the assembly on the workbench.

A bit grubby on the outside. That I can live with. I'll put the pedalbox through the parts washer to make it a bit neater before re-assembly.

There isn't much inside one of these things. I'm quite confident this has been a problem. There is a very definite grittyness and hardness on the rubber(?) seal on the piston. So I think that putting the new MC will improve (hopefully fully fix) the problems I've had with my brakes.


In this job there was one tool that I found most important.

I was in Bunnings earlier and almost walked past this. $9 for the holder add a little more for the bulb and all of a sudden it is easy for me to get work done once the sun has gone down. I have put a LED bulb because I won't burn myself on it, I can put a brighter bulb in it and I don't need to worry about breaking a hot filament through rough handling.


In the next few days I'll be putting the new one back in so stay tuned for that.




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