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A project that I've started working on recently is to restore this old His Masters Voice AM radio that I've acquired. This is a big difference to what I've been familiar with and have been working on so it should be an interesting project.

This is what I've got to work with, the cabinet could do with a bit of work. Some new varnish, new speaker grill, etc. but for starters I'm going to work on getting it functioning, then get it looking pretty.


The valves all seem to be in good enough condition after cleaning the dust and filth off them.

The chassis is a bit rough looking, but apart from some wires with failing insulation seems to be in good enough condition. There are no obviously damaged capacitors so this could be a goer.


I ended up plugging this in and to my surprise, the tube heaters started to glow, there was a faint smell of hot dust and the speaker slowly came to life. After that initial proof of concept I wanted to replace some of the wires with faulty insulation, having done that the speaker now no longer sounds and it smells a little hot, though that could just be normal. Not sure yet.

Unfortunately as I need to move house soon I've had to shelve this project. I've put it into storage at the new location and will track down the fault once I've been able to get a work space set up for electronics work.








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