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The mill is running again, in it's new spot inside the house so I should be able to get to work on it a bit more often. This is where it is now, on the new desk with my laptop beside it running the controls
I had the lab power supply out to see if I could run the spindle off it. However even with the knob for current all the way up it was still getting limited so I think that's going to be a no-go. The good news is that I can still run it from the accessories port on the Lathe control box because I haven't gutted it yet.
It's a little bit dirty but not too bad and with the shield shut then there shouldn't be any issues with bits getting into the rest of the room which is good considering this is above my servers.

Here's the interface I am using for now. I'm hoping to get Machineface/Cetus/mkwrapper working so I can use any computer to control this, but for now I'm connecting with a VNC connection because mkwrapper doesn't seem to like being run in such a way as it can be accessed from outside that computer.

Finally, here is a short video I took while I was making sure everything still worked. I still need to set the maximum speed and tune the acceleration for each of the axies but I will get to that eventually. You can hear that when it's set right it's nice and smooth. But otherwise it sounds like somethings grinding.


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