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Hi all, Nathan here. I'm hopefully going to be writing some articles for this blog in the near future.

First off, I was clearing some trees in the back paddock, to make it easier to move around near the fence lines.

Unfortunately, last time I had dropped one not entirely where I had intended, and it had landed square across the fence. Good thing there's no stock to be kept in or out.


 A minute or two with the saw and I'm through. I should mention, I'm using a manual cross-cut saw I picked up off eBay a while ago. Yes it would be quicker with a chainsaw, but I'm on my own, so I reckon this is a bit safer. Also the excercise will do me good.

More trees in the way.

Aaaaand, it's gone!


And another...


 And finally a twofer.


I'm thirsty after all that hard work. Let's go for a look at the dam.

Oh. That's pretty low. And I've got no idea what that promotony sticking out into the middle is. 

That's all for now. Until next time.

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