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Well, we were here again.

But this time it was different. We had a new part to put in.

However this is Schrodinger's part. Is it a fuel pump, or a CV Joint? Turns out it was a fuel pump, and I forgot to get a photo of it.

The new pump came with a piece of hose that replaced this thing that was inside the fuel tank just after the pump.

As neither of us knew what this thing does we decided to cut it open.

Just a quick cut with the hacksaw. This is what we found inside.

And further in?

The fuel runs between the 2 round parts in the back. It looks like the little diaphram is supposed to make this act as a little accumulator to smooth out pulses from the fuel pump.

Looking in the end of one of the ends of this it looks like the rubber has been torn which we think is what has been causing the starting problems with this car.

The car is now working fine and all the problems seem to have been fixed with the addition of a simple short pipe.






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